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A Caring Resource for Senior Relocation

 October 2015


By Nan Hayes for Caring Transitions®

Clients and their family members seek Caring Transitions® services for all types of assistance. They may be moving, downsizing,  in need of packing or unpacking services or  hoping to sell personal property through professional estate sale or online auction.  We work with clients of all ages and abilities, yet specialize in support for older adults. This means we manage a large range of late life transitions which include healthy active older adults, as well as those suffering life-threatening illness or cognitive impairment.

Because we typically work long hours, side-by-side with individuals inside their homes, we develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We learn much about the families who engage us as we sort and sift through a lifetime of memories together.  Clients share their treasures and the personal stories that go with them. They tell us the details of their joys and sorrows.   “I bought that trench coat when I was first employed by Marshall Fields in downtown Chicago. It was my first job and the most exciting time of my life.” Or, “That uniform was my late husband’s. He was a pilot in World War II. We met when he was training at Kelly Field in Texas.”

This “sharing” experience is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work, but often as clients gain trust and confidence in us, they begin to share other aspects of their lives that go well beyond the “things” we have been hired to manage.  Older clients and family members alike seek to involve us in their financial, heath, social and family problems. They are looking for help and advice for a great many complex issues.  In these situations, we must behave like many other senior care professionals and clearly recognize when our involvement in these issues is warranted, and when it is not.

For this reason, all Caring Transitions® offices are trained in much the same way as professional caregivers. We learn to treat our clients with respect, warmth and compassion, yet know how to remain focused on the job we’ve been hired to do. We can remain neutral on personal subjects and take steps to avoid personal conflict and misunderstandings. It is sometimes difficult to refuse clients who are looking for help beyond our scope of practice, so we maintain a library of professional resources who may be better qualified to support clients and families with the financial, social or mental issues related to late life transitions.

Overall, Caring Transitions® finds we can assist our clients and family caregivers best by:

  •  Building  an honest and healthy rapport
  • Explaining our scope of practice, how  our services are structured and the typical extent of involvement in the home
  • Sticking to our area of expertise and referring other professional resources as necessary
  • Establishing a clear plan and course of action related to the services we’ve been hired to perform
  • Ensure that the patient, family caregiver, and related professionals—such realtors, movers and housing administrators are all on the same page and working with the same understanding of the client’s needs and plans.

As the nation’s largest provider of relocation, move management and household goods liquidation services, Caring Transitions® offers professional solutions and advice for these and other issues affecting older adults and their families.

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